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Le Guishu Lou Guichou Assemblage Sec NV, 0.75L
Rice from Camargue, Languedoc Roussillon

"Color: Greenish yellow; Style: Dry; Nose: Powerful, vinous grapefruit notes, quickly followed by floral notes of rose and a dominant lychee topnote; Palate: Pleasant, airy, and fresh, a touch of citrus, with a nice persistence of rose. A fine and delicate body, a little sexy, and a hint of bitterness on the finish, reminiscent of Provençal apéritifs; Pairings: seafood, crab, Camargue oysters, fish, and smoked salmon, as well as sushi, sashimi, and non-spicy dishes." LeGuishu.fr

Available: 232

Price: $12.00


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Le Guishu Lou Guichou Non Filtre Demi Sec NV, 0.75L
Rice / Colombard from Camargue, Languedoc Roussillon

"Color: golden yellow; Style: medium dry; Nose: discreet, clear, and pure, frank like a Canadian Ice Wine, the fermented rice blossoms into aromas of pear and lychee, depending on the serving temperature; Palate: a charming attack - round, elegant, and fruity, the palate is fresh, powerful and tasty, with a pear finish and exotic fruits; Pairings: savory dishes, cured hams, charcuterie, tapas, all cheeses, even a Savoyard fondue; goes somewhat with everything - perfect on paella, a champion with exotic dishes with mixed flavors, be they sweet-salty, sour-spicy, etc." LeGuishu.fr

Available: 246

Price: $12.00


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Le Guishu Lou Guichou Umami Moelleux NV, 0.75L
Rice from Camargue, Languedoc Roussillon

"Color: amber yellow; Type: semi sweet; Nose: powerful and complex, with childhood memories rushing back - honey, coconut, orange zest, caramel, osmanthus, etc. - aromatic fireworks; Palate: if the color and the nose convince you of a sweet wine, in fact it is very fresh and not at all sugary and heavy on the palate, with a fresh finish that never ends; Pairings: best with blue cheeses, bitter chocolates, foie gras (pan-fried or otherwise); chefs recommend it with meats such as duck; avoid sugary desserts such as Tiramisu or crème brûlée; in Hong Kong it is enjoyed with siu mei; it is a must with spicy cuisine, particularly with Sichuan hot pot." LeGuichu.fr

Available: 160

Price: $12.00


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