Spectrum Fine Wine Auctions


"This is spectacular news. The big check will be coming just in time. Chris, I can't thank you enough." - KM, California

"CRUSHING IT! Thanks for your help!" - BO, California

"Tried but failed on both bottles - Congrats to you and consignor šŸ‘ šŸ‘" - FS, New York

"Thanks Chris, so far a good experience with Spectrum. Will have to consign more often." - EO, California

"Dan, it has been a pleasure to do business with Spectrum, thanks for your personal and sincere friendship" - PS, California

"Outstanding, Chris! We will have more to sell soon." - HM, California

"Greatly indebted. Perhaps we can celebrate over a sip of Tequila Comisario some day soon." - EN, California

"Very nice results. I have a feeling I may be consigning with you again in the future!" - BS, Californii

"Thank you for the outstanding news! Very pleased to hear that some of the lots exceeded their original estimates and that there are so few left remaining." - DC, California

"Brother, you are amazing! Will never use another auctioneer to sell wine again!" - RY, New Jersey (Repeat consignor of 4 consignments and over $1mm sold)

"Thank you for all your help with this process. If you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to call me." - Consignor of The Tower Cellar (over $4mm sold)

"Thank you for everything. There will be some future consignments." LF, Oregon (Repeat consignor of 5 consignments and over $1mm sold)

"This is fantastic. Thank you thank you! You took such great care of me. I already received the first check yesterday. So efficient!! - CJ, California (Repeat consignor of over 50 consignments and over $500k sold)

"Very Pleased - NM, California"

"This will be fun reading tonight! Think we blew the doors off the barn!" - MW, Minnesota (Repeat consignor of over 15 consignments and over $4mm sold)

"Yeah, nice result. Thanks Jason. Is your truck going to be up next week? I have more for you." - BT, California

"Thanks, Dan, your pricing and estimates of the high/low sales were just right. Came in just between the high and low. Iā€™m very pleased and appreciate your help." NC, California

"I just happen to check on these last night. Good result!" - AS, California

"Thanks, Jason. Very good results, especially for the Krug and the Red Burgs...anyway already thinking of the next batch." - BB, New York (Repeat consignor of 5 consignments and over $300k sold)

"You folks are incredible. Great job!!" - RS, California (Repeat consignor of over 10 consignments)

"It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and your team." - GG, Colorado (Over 1500 lot consignment)

"Wow that was a killer sale Jason, can't wait to look over the full results!" - BW, Minnesota (Repeat consignor of over 10 consignments)

"From start to finish you guys are top notch!" - JW, New Jersey (Repeat consignor of 2 consignments)

"Amazing, these are record prices from what I can tell! Well done!" - RS, Texas

"Perfect. Not sure you are on Yelp but I found your service to be easy and forthright. Let me know and I can put a review on for you." MB, California